R.Max Picture Gallery 2


Achilles' left foot

Achilles' right foot

"The Two Brothers"

RMax - A Good Head for Robotics

An early Ball-Joint Foot design

Alf Makimbo

Alf Makimbo, front

Achilles' Hip & Lower Back

Shoulder and upper arm.



Another Side-view (R.Max)

Rear-view of shoulder


Close-up Side-view

Shoulders and Upper Arm

H1: Early Hand Prototype

Hand with 2 servos
Closeup of index finger.

Robot and Bio hands.

Head & Shoulders 

Head, Shoulders, Upper Right Arm

Upper and Lower Arm

Upper and Lower Arm

Partly Raised Arm

Assorted Shafts with bearings

Mini Shafts for the Arms

Odd "Flux-Capacitor"