ANNOUNCEMENT - New ebook; Penzar - Journal of advanced ideas

What's new? I published an ebook for Amazon Kindle including R.Max robot and Utopia Androidia - the 14 laws of human-android symbiotic labor.

The promotion for 10 free kindles is over, we drew names on June 11 from the jars where people put their name and phone number. 10 lucky winners got kindles with Penzar pre-loaded and a little spare change left on the gift card.

Penzar - Journal of advanced ideas

Price: $9.99 US (available worldwide)
ASIN: B005007BSY
Publisher: self-published indie (independent).
Pages: 219.
DRM: NO! When you buy my ebook, you are allowed and encouraged to make your own personal copies for your own personal use!

    I think this ebook is interesting because it has solutions to extremely
 challenging problems such as:

    - Human/Android-robot symbiotic labor and the 14 legal laws to guarantee it.
    - How to disrupt a tornado. (very applicable now, and this entire first
       chapter is available FREE as a sample if you have an Amazon login).
    - Firefighting techniques for oil well, forest, and skyscraper fires.
    - A new intelligence scale: The L8 scale of intelligence. Find out what
        your IQ is on the L8 scale, you might be pleasantly surprised.
    - Immortality via android robots. This is my approach to live forever.
    - Gender-neutral 3rd-person pronouns (VYLZ-2), and an example story using them.
    - Where is the missing 95% of the universe?  Solved!  Right under our noses.
    - A new physics that is simpler and addresses dimension directly.
    - What does a gravity engine look like, and where to install it in a spaceship?
    - Solution to what an electromagnetic wave is. It's a torsion wave in the
      natural continuous dimension (aka 'rotor wave') itself.  See the Physics chapter, 
      'The hypothesis of natural continuous dimension object', an axiomatic, 
      rigorous system with ALL assumptions declared up front, and NO math! 
      This axiomatic system is a Theory of Everthing (TOE).
    - more ...
This ebook is currently available ONLY from Amazon for Kindle and wherever kindle software is installed (iPad, PC, droid phone, ...). I would like to make this ebook generally available for all ebook readers, I am open to suggestions on how to do that.

I am looking for reviewers of the book. Contact

Table of contents

Penzar  - Journal of advanced ideas
 Dedication                                                           3
 Preface                                                              7
 Acknowledgements                                                     9
1.  Tornadoes                                                         10
     The challenge                                                    10
     Understanding the tornado                                        10
     Create a tornado simulator                                       12
     How to prevent a tornado from reaching the ground                15
     Deny what the tornado requires                                   19
     Research Direction 1: Disrupt the in-flow of air.                19
     Research Direction 2: Block the funnel with obstacle.            20
     Research Direction 3: Create an artificial ground.               21
     Combining techniques                                             23
     Different  kinds of tornadoes                                    23
2.  Fires                                                             24
     The challenge                                                    24
     Stopping Forest-fires and brush-fires                            26
     Stopping Oil Well fires                                          28
     Stopping Sky Scraper Fires                                       32
       Analysis                                                       32
       The approach towards a solution                                32
       The first front - Firefighters                                 32
       Second front - Water delivery from above                       33
       Third front - Self-activating foam sprayers                    35
       Fourth front - Skirts and air bags                             35
       Fifth front - escape                                           36
     Final note                                                       36
3.  On intelligent life                                               37
     The challenge                                                    37
     The two categories of intelligent life forms                     38
     Intelligent individual properties                                38
     Intelligent group life form properties                           38
     Examples of intelligent group life forms                         38
4.  On a measure of intelligence of life forms                        40
     The challenge                                                    40
     Meta Rules                                                       43
     Prerequisites                                                    44
     The levels of intelligence of a life form - the L8 scale         44
     Follow-up                                                        45
5.  World Peace                                                       50
     The challenge declined                                           50
     The first conjecture of peace: necessary                         51
     The second conjecture of peace: sufficient                       51
     The third conjecture of peace: long lasting                      51
     Follow-up                                                        52
6.  Design of the Android mind                                        53
     The challenge                                                    53
     M1 Architecture                                                  54
     Analytical methods of the robots mind                            56
     The two-brain hypothesis                                         57
     Vision and Perception                                            58
     Vision and Dreaming                                              60
     Other aspects of the Vision system                               61
     M1 Architecture solution to Perception and Dreaming              63
     The spectrum of questions about robot emotions                   65
     Robot Maxamilian                                                 66
7.  Pats law of robotics                                              69
     Robots do the "heavy lifting"                                    69
     Follow-up                                                        69
8.  Utopia Androidia                                                  70
     The challenge                                                    70
     A Solution: The Android Labor Proxy hypothesis                   72
     The 14 laws of human and android symbiotic labor                 74
     Free Time                                                        77
     Follow-up                                                        77
9.  Dystopia Androidia                                                82
     Human emotions                                                   82
     Android emotions                                                 82
     Humans and greed                                                 82
     Androids and greed                                               82
     Humans and jealousy                                              82
     Androids and jealousy                                            82
     Humans and intolerance                                           82
     Androids and intolerance                                         82
     Humans at war                                                    82
     Androids at war                                                  82
     Follow-up                                                        82
10.  Immortality via the android robot                                85
     The challenge                                                    85
     How to solve immortality, first draft                            86
11.  Gender neutral third-person pronouns                             87
     The challenge                                                    87
     A solution in VYLZ-2                                             88
     Follow-up                                                        90
12.  Hello world!                                                     93
     To learn every greeting in every language                        93
13.  The Adventures of Sam and North Compass                          97
     Part 1.  By the pool, or initial blank slate                     97
     Part 2.  Mirror-mirror                                           106
     Part 3.  Sam and North identify the question                     112
     Part 4.  Reduction of bias, or objectivity                       121
     Part 5.  Ask the expert                                          131
     Part 6.  Appearances can be deceiving                            142
     Part 7.  Follow-up                                               149
     Part 8.  Light, no light, and lack of sight                      153
     Part 9.  Analysis of colors                                      158
     Part 10.  What is, that something is, has, or rejects            161
14.  Journalism                                                       173
     The challenge rejected                                           173
15.  Physics                                                          174
     The challenge                                                    174
     Modeling rules                                                   181
     The hypothesis of natural continuous dimension object            183
     Interpreting reality with the natural continuous dimension       192
     Follow-up                                                        196
     Further dialogue                                                 200
16. The most difficult question on planet Earth                       202
     The challenge                                                    202
     Understanding the question                                       204
17.  Application of the hypothesis of natural continuous dimension    207
     The challenge                                                    207
     Design of the gravity engine, version 2.                         209
     Placement of the gravity engine in a ship                        210
     Follow-up                                                        213
     Design of the gravity engine, version 1.                         214
18. Poem                                                              217
     The art of java                                                  217
 Afterword                                                            218
 Addendum                                                             219

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