H1: An early prototype of the hand and fingers.  Four fingers are shown here.  They are
made of Renbrandt UniMite Universal Joints.  Note the partial quarter at the lower
right for scale.  These U-Joints are very, very small, and in fact they are the same U-Joints
as are on some of the foot prototypes elsewhere in this gallery.  They don't have bearings,
so we'll just have to see how long they last.   The first joint in each finger above is the
knuckle joint.  This U-Joint has all the flexibility as a human knuckle.  Motorizing it
will be tricky, but not impossible.  It's a good challenge.   The two middle fingers are
sporting the attachment cyclinders onto which fits the next set of U-Joints, and then
a third: A finger has 3 joints if you count the knuckle.  The thumb isn't shown here.
The servo motors will attach into slots that will be cut into the top flat aluminum flange
in pairs.