Achilles's right foot, calf and knee.  The right foot was made before the left foot and differs significantly.
The universal joints in this early prototype are of extreme small size and weight, in contrast to Alf's
automobile u-joints.  Unfortunately, the lack of bearings in these u-joints resulted in premature wearing
after only a few months of scooting across the floor.  The knee design on the right leg used two of these
miniature u-joints.  Although it may appear complex, it's quite simple mechanically.  When the knee
joints become worn, they can each be rotated 90 degrees and they're like new again.  Achilles has
the prototypical shock-absorber damper attached where the "achilles-tendon" goes.  It is somewhat
hacked into place, but the rough design seems sound and will likely be expanded to the other leg.

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