Both Achilles' feet ("The Two Brothers").  The similarities and differences are apparent.  The right foot's
mini u-joints have the qualities of ultra-light-weight, simplicity, screw-driver manipulation, un-durability,
and cheap (about $2.00 each).  The left foot's u-joints have the qualities of light-weight, simplicity, wrench
manipulation, durability, and expensive ($60.00 each, plus cutting with hack-saw and welding a nut on
each end).  The ultra-tiny u-joint won't hold up to the expected weight load to be placed on it so it will
have to be replaced.  The heavier-duty u-joint should handle the load (time will tell).  The keen observer
will note a severe deficiency in this design: no toes!  A special Digital-Toe is in the works.

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